Brady Peat

Senior Financial Planing Analyst
Certified Financial Planner®


Brady is a proud Badger and loved his time in Madison. He is an avid sports fan who enjoys supporting Wisconsin professional and collegiate teams. In his free time, he enjoys golfing, being outside, going to the gym, and spending time with his family.


Brady is one of PrairieView’s Senior Financial Planning Analysts. He dives deep into each client’s financial position to help our Wealth Managers guide clients toward making the right financial decisions. Brady’s education and experience in the financial planning industry highlighted his desire to help others fulfill their life aspirations and solidified his interest in pursuing a career in the industry.

Brady grew up in Cobb, WI. A small town located in the Southwest corner of Wisconsin. He earned his Undergraduate degree from The University of Wisconsin – Madison in Financial Planning in 2022. Brady gained experience interning at a wealth management firm in Madison for over two years. He earned his CFP® designation in 2024.

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