Estate Planning and Financial Planning Go Hand in Hand

We take the stress out of arranging for the transfer of wealth in a way that allows for a timely administration of your estate, while minimizing taxes.

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Estate plans run the gamut from non-existent to off-the-shelf to thoughtfully planned. We strive for a thoughtful plan tailored to you. Our goal is to see that every client we work with has an estate plan that is carefully thought out and documented to reflect his or her particular situation and wishes for passing on wealth.

How We Help

Achieving a thoughtful estate plan involves four steps—thorough planning, proper documentation, necessary follow-up, and periodic monitoring.

A Thoughtful Plan

We start by understanding your financial position, your family situation, and your planning objectives. As your wealth managers, we will know your financial situation and will keep your personal financial statement current. We’ll meet with you to get to know your desires for passing on wealth better. This allows us to recommend a plan that reflects your unique wishes for leaving a personal and financial legacy—all while minimizing taxes.

Proper Documentation

Next, we see that your estate plan is properly documented. For this, we consult with your attorney (if you don’t have an attorney, we will help you select one with the right expertise for your situation). We may attend planning meetings with you and your attorney, review draft documents, and work with you and the attorney to resolve any issues that arise.

Necessary Follow-Up

Once the estate plan is finalized, there remain necessary follow-up tasks that are often overlooked. We continue to work on your behalf, tying up these loose ends. We make sure your assets are properly titled, retirement plan and life insurance beneficiary designations dovetail with your documents, and your revocable trust, if you have one, is fully funded.

Periodic Monitoring

The estate plan is signed, the follow-up tasks complete. We, however, are still here for you. We’ll continue reviewing your estate plan to ensure it is still appropriate and reflects your wishes. Tax laws are enacted, families evolve, and your net worth may change. These events often lead to different planning goals. Our periodic monitoring safeguards your interests.

Put Your Mind at Ease

While estate planning is not necessarily something any of us looks forward to doing, we make it a positive experience. And when you are done, you will have peace of mind knowing you have a structure to transfer your wealth in an efficient and tax effective manner.

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