Retirement And Cash Flow Planning

While the notion of retirement is being reshaped, so too are the ways in which we plan for it. Today’s retiree will likely tap a variety of resources as those fixed sources of income (i.e. pensions) go the way of typewriters and VCRs. The challenge we all face is to have enough income to meet our needs and sustain our lifestyle for, potentially, many years to come.

The partners at PrairieView take a comprehensive view of each client’s balance sheet to know the full range of our clients’ resources in relation to their goals. Risks in a retirement plan cover both ends of the spectrum—living longer than expected, or dying in the accumulation phase of pre-retirement. Other factors such as changes in health status and increasing inflation are risks that must be addressed in any comprehensive retirement plan. Perhaps the biggest risk to an investor’s retirement is portfolio volatility. As wealth managers we analyze a variety of client retirement income scenarios and investment return projections in order to understand how available resources will support cash flow in varying inflationary and economic conditions.

One of the biggest financial decision points investors will face is “sourcing” cash flow when the company pay stub no longer appears at the end of the month. PrairieView believes in the concept of “total return.” The traditional “income” portfolio places limits on the growth potential of the portfolio. It is a combination of dividends, interest and capital gains that will provide cash flow needed from an investment portfolio.