Stock Option and Restricted Stock Planning

Explore alternative ways to grow your wealth, with our help.

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PrairieView has developed comprehensive strategies to manage and integrate complex and tax-sensitive compensation arrangements. We follow a process and framework for understanding the benefits and risks of Stock Options and RSUs and how to evaluate handling vested RSUs and exercising Stock Options.

How We Help

In addition to direct cash, many of our clients earn compensation of company stock. We can provide guidance on a variety of employee stock plans.


Know your stock plans

Stock Options, Restricted Stock Units, and Employee Stock Purchase Plans have one thing in common - they allow you to benefit from growth in your company's stock. Each type has unique growth potential, risk, and tax characteristics. These qualities are important to understand as they each play a role in helping you meet your goals. (97)

Understand what you want to accomplish

A clear picture of your goals will inform the best way to maximize your benefit from these valuable financial tools.


Optimize your stock plans for your goals

Knowing the traits of your stock plans and what you can use them to achieve will empower you to make confident decisions about your company stock plans.

You Don’t Have to Plan Alone

Our advisors are standing by to help you make smart financial decisions.

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