Tax Planning


The PrairieView Partner team has over 30 years of experience as tax lawyers and CPAs, so you can be assured our advice always takes into account the latest in tax issues and seeks to identify ways to lower your income tax burden.


Because virtually every financial decision has tax implications, effective financial planning demands a keen eye toward tax planning. “Tax season” for us is more than April 15th—it is all the time.


Our sensitivity to taxes is intertwined with our investment advice; it is the essence of our “integrated” wealth management approach. As wealth advisers, we realize it is not what you make that matters most but what you keep. In line with this philosophy, our investment portfolios are deliberately structured to minimize taxes. Passively managed index funds are, by definition, tax efficient because of their low asset turnover. Other simple strategies, ignored by or unknown to most investment advisors, can save many thousands of tax dollars every year. We routinely and consistently reduce our clients’ taxes through tax-smart portfolio management techniques like avoiding short-term capital gains, recognizing capital losses when appropriate, using appreciated securities for charitable giving, shifting income to children, and placing fixed income investments in IRAs and other qualified retirement accounts.


You may have frequent financial transactions—whether business, investment, or personal. Then again, you may have only one or two significant financial transactions in your lifetime. Regardless, you will want your financial transactions to be properly structured, so they achieve favorable tax results. If you are buying or selling real estate, involved in a business sale or purchase, marrying or divorcing, inheriting wealth, receiving a legal settlement or a prize or award, or are a party to any other unusual financial transaction, we will work with you to understand the transaction, identify the options, help negotiate the best result for you, and determine and communicate the tax and financial implications.


We also prepare tax returns. We have a commonly owned CPA firm and have expertly prepared thousands of returns. We also collaborate with independent CPA firms with whom we have strong working relationships. The importance of timely and accurate tax returns is clearly not lost on us and is a true priority. All of the planning and analysis may be irrelevant if the return is not prepared right.

We have also learned from experience that the tax preparation process is a meaningful annual “checkup”—a chance to see the results of every single financial transaction undertaken during the year and to meet with clients to explain and discuss tax issues. Our annual checkups often lead to the identification of other important tax or financial concerns.

Meanwhile, tax compliance for us continues throughout the year. We continually review every single tax return to stay current with quarterly estimates and withholding and to identify tax savings opportunities.