It’s Time to Develop a Plan for Reaching Your Goals

Our advisors take the stress out of financial planning by giving you clear guidance through every phase of your career at 3M.

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Speak With a 3M Expert

We want to know where you are in your career and what your goals are so that we can craft a financial plan that fits your needs.

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Start Planning With Purpose

Our team will help you integrate your 3M resources within your plan and investment opportunities to set you up for success.

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Be Confident in Your Decisions

We take the guesswork out of growing your wealth and help you make more informed financial decisions.

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7 Questions 3M Employees Need to Answer

For over 20 years, we’ve helped 3M professionals achieve their financial goals.

We start by helping them answer these key questions.
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PrairieView Partners

Traditional Wealth Management Firm

(No 3M expertise)

Commission-based Investment Advisor

(Investment-focused with lite Financial Planning)

Stock Awards

Analyze and Recommend mix of Stock Options vs. RSUs
Basic Valuation of Stock Options
Detailed Stock Option analysis to determine current and expected values, leverage, and performance
Develop plan for when and how to exercise Stock Options to fulfill your goals
Provide tax projections to evaluate tax consequences of exercising stock options and RSU vesting
Evaluate and Recommend appropriate contributions to the GESPP
Create tax-efficient divestment plan for concentrated 3M stock positions

401k Plan

Manage your 401k investments and integrate with your entire portfolio
Set up and manage your Personal Choice Retirement Account (PCRA)
Analyze if a Net Unrealized Appreciation (NUA) election for your 3M stock held within your 401k is right for you

Company Pension

Evaluate your qualified & non-qualified pensions at various retirement ages
Analyze and determine if lump sum or life annuity distribution option is right for you
Analyze and determine which survivor option is right for you and your survivors
Evaluate if you should defer your pension after retirement to increase the benefit amount

Non-Qualified Savings Plans

Recommend specific investment options to select for each of these plans
Analyze tax implications for participating in each plan
Evaluate and Recommend how to take distributions from each plan in most tax-advantaged way


Analyze life insurance needs and how much group insurance to take through 3M
Evaluate and provide recommendations on other miscellaneous benefits offered through 3M

3M gives you many ways to grow your wealth. We know you want to get this right.

You should have a trusted partner who can help you take advantage of these opportunities.

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