What Makes PrairieView Different?


Every client is assigned a team of experienced professionals that all work together to make sure every client’s financial, investment, tax, and estate planning needs are continually addressed and each component of the plan is coordinated across disciplines.


Done correctly, comprehensive financial planning is much more than paging through a 2” notebook full of boilerplate reports and numerical tables. From the very beginning of a new client relationship, the planning comes first. It is a process of shared understanding about how one’s goals translate into meaningful action steps. Decisions are made based on thorough analysis and not market cycles. Investment risk is assessed using objective criteria and not limited to responses on an intake form. Done correctly, comprehensive planning takes time and commitment to the process, but is critical to making financial decisions with confidence.


PrairieView employs a business model that is intentionally designed to bring together multiple disciplines. Financial planning is too often carried out by people from separate professions – CPAs, lawyers, stock brokers and insurance agents. The end result is that no one looks at the big picture. Our clients look to us as the center point for all their important financial and investment matters. When complicated aspects of our financial lives are coordinated into a single, organized plan, there is peace of mind.


At PrairieView, your fees are based solely on the assets we manage for you. We collect no commissions from the sale of investments or life insurance. All of the financial planning services we provide are included in the overall management fee. As a Registered Investment Advisor, we are duty bound to adhere to a Fiduciary standard. This means putting the interests of our clients first. The “traditional” financial services model was built around commission-based compensation, which means if the advisor doesn’t sell you something, he or she doesn’t get paid. We feel this model is fraught with the potential for conflict of interest since an advisor will naturally have an incentive to recommend high commission products that may not be well suited for the client.


Financial planning is about helping people use wealth to achieve their personal goals. For planning to be meaningful, we need to fully understand not only your financial situation but also your family and personal objectives and goals. Armed with the knowledge of where you are, where you want to be, and what you wish to accomplish with your wealth, we can add great value toward achieving your goals. In our experience, larger sales-focused firms are less able to provide this level of personal attention. We’ve chosen to remain a “small by design” boutique firm, so we can maintain the kind of one-on-one attention we believe is essential for excellent financial planning.