Sean Janni

Senior Portfolio Analyst


In his role as Portfolio Analyst, Sean supports the Financial Planning and Investment Management teams with investment operations, trade execution, portfolio analysis, and investment projects. Sean is a graduate of Northeastern University in Boston where he earned his degree in Finance. During his tenure there, Sean completed 3 internships; one with a multinational bank and two others at large investment management companies. Through these experiences, Sean concluded that he would prefer a smaller work setting, where he could have more direct interaction with clients and truly get to know the people he was working for. Sean is currently a candidate in the Chartered Financial Analyst program, and has successfully passed Level I on August 2018. Originally from Montana, Sean loves all things outdoors including hiking, skiing, and boating.


I first became interested in the financial markets during the great recession. I remember asking my dad as a naïve 8th grader, “Why are all these people saying they lost all their money? Can’t they only lose money if they sell?” I’ve come to realize that investors act irrationally when they don’t understand what is happening in the markets.

Throughout my life, I’ve always had a natural inclination to teach. Past coaches and teachers have remarked to me that they could see me in a teaching role later on in life. As I grow in my career I am eager to leverage my knowledge of the investment industry to educate and teach clients how to react in uncertain markets, while simultaneously helping them plan for their future and achieve their long term goals. I feel privileged to work at a firm that emphasizes education and planning so that when markets act irrationally, our clients won’t.

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