Kristy Schaffer

Certified Public Accountant
Certified Financial Planner®
Personal Finance Specialist


Kristy Schaffer’s career in public accounting established the discipline to balance the intricate details of financial management with a long-term perspective on the goals of investing. This perspective is a key to our commitment to helping manage all aspects of our clients’ financial lives, from investing, to tax management, to estate planning.


“Growing up in a small town in Wyoming, I was raised with the idea that personal relationships are at the heart of everything you do. You have to earn others’ trust, you have to do the best job you can, and always, without question, you have to do what is right.”

Kristy earned her undergraduate degree at the University of Redlands, with a double major in Business Administration and International Relations. She completed her graduate work in accounting and earned a Master of Science degree in financial planning before becoming a licensed CPA. Kristy worked in public accounting, focusing primarily on tax compliance for corporate and individual clients. She earned credentials as a Certified Financial Planner® (CFP) and Personal Financial Specialist (PFS), and joined a private investment advisory firm as an investment manager and advisor to high net worth clients. With significant expertise in tax, stock options and alternative compensation planning, Kristy has become a specialist in working with senior executives in a number of large multinational companies. She co-founded PrairieView Partners in 2007.

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